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Pyrazole Schiff base hybrid as an anti-malarial agent: Synthesis, in vitro screening and molecular docking study


Shilpy Aggarwal, Deepika Paliwal, Dhirender Kaushik, Girish Kumar Gupta and Ajay Kumar*  


Background: Malaria, one of the most vital infectious diseases caused by protozoan parasites of the Plasmodium genus. As P. falciparum, the cause of most of the severe cases of malaria, is increasingly resistant to available drugs such as amodioquine, chloroquine, artemisinin, and antifolates, there is an urgent need of identify new targets for chemotherapy Objective: This study screened novel pyrazole derivatives carrying iminium & benzothiazole group for antimalarial potential against P. falciparum chloroquine sensitive (3D7) strain. Material & Method: Several pyrazole schiff base hybrids with a wide range of substitution has been synthesized via condensation of substituted aniline with substituted 4-formylpyrazole and evaluated for their in vitro antimalarial activity against asexual blood stages of human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. The interaction of these conjugate hybrids was also investigated by the molecular docking studies in the binding site of P. falciparum cystein protease falcipain-2. The pharmacokinetic properties were also studied using ADME prediction. Results: Among all compounds, 6bf and 6bd was found to be a potential molecule with EC50 1.95µg/ml and 1.98µg/ml respectively. Docking study results reveal that the pyrazole schiff base derivatives occupy the PfFP binding sites and they show good interactions with significant values of binding energies. Conclusion: We provide evidence which implicate the pyrazole Schiff base hybrids as potential prototypes for the development antimalarial agents.


Pyrazole, Plasmodium falciparum, Antimalarial, Falcipain-2, Docking, ADME


R.K.S.D (PG) College, Kaithal, Haryana, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra 136119, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra 136119, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, M.M. College of Pharmacy, Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana, Ambala 133203, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra 136119

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