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Presenting a Four-Lump Dynamic Kinetic Model for Methanol to Light Olefins Process Over the Hierarchical SAPO-34 Catalyst Using Power Law Models


Mohammad Javad Azarhoosh* and Alireza Azarhoosh   Pages 1 - 11 ( 11 )


Objectives: A four-lump dynamic kinetic model on the hierarchical SAPO-34 catalyst in the methanol to light olefins (MTO) process has been presented using the power law models. Since decreased catalyst activity in the MTO process is common, for the applicability of the proposed model, the function of catalyst activity was computed as a function of the coke percentage deposited on the catalyst.

Materials and Methods: The reactant and products were divided into four lumps, including methanol and dimethyl ether (DME), light olefins (ethylene and propylene), light paraffin (methane, ethane, and propane) and heavier hydrocarbons from C4. The one-dimensional ideal plug reactor was used for the simulation of the MTO reactor. The kinetic parameters and the catalyst activity function were predicted using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm.

Results: The comparison of product distribution in the experimental mode and the results of the kinetic model indicated the high accuracy of the presented model. The effect of operational parameters such as temperature and weight hourly space velocity (WHSV) on the mole percent of light olefins was investigated using the proposed kinetic model. The optimized value of temperature and WHSV to reach the maximum yield of light olefins was respectively 460 ˚ C and 4.2 h-1 .

Conclusion: The passive kinetic coefficients were estimated in the reaction rate constant and catalyst activity function with the help of the PSO optimization algorithm. The mole fraction of different products and the reactant arising from modeling at the reactor outlet was compared with experimental results, which indicated the high accuracy of the presented kinetic model. The results also revealed that the selection of high and low temperatures and WHSV decreases the yield of light olefins and the lifetime of the catalyst.


Kinetic study, Lump modeling, Hierarchical catalyst, SAPO-34, MTO process


Chemical Engineering Department, Urmia University, Urmia, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bojnord, Bojnord

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