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Peptoids As Source of Compounds Eliciting Antibacterial Activity

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 3 ]


Isabel Masip, Enrique Perez-Paya and Angel Messeguer   Pages 235 - 239 ( 5 )


N-Alkylglycine oligomers (peptoids) constitute a family of non-natural peptidomimetics attractive for the early drug discovery process because of their physicochemical features, easy of adaptation to combinatorial chemistry approaches and their proteolytic stability. Consequently, peptoid libraries have found application for discovering hits against a wide diversity of pharmaceutical targets, among which different examples of antibacterials are found. In the present work, research efforts addressed towards the identification of peptoids as antibacterial agents are discussed.


n-alkylglycine trimers, peptoids, combinatorial chemistry, chemical libraries, antibacterial activity, bacterial resistance


Department of Biological Organic Chemistry, I.I.Q.A.B. (C.S.I.C.). J. Girona, 18. E-08034 Barcelona, Spain.

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