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High Throughput Screening and Evolution of a Library of Ligands in Asymmetric H-Transfer Reduction of Acetophenone

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 5 ]


Radwan Abdallah, Pierre Grenouillet, Nicolas Vriamont, Olivier Riant and Claude de Bellefon   Pages 393 - 413 ( 21 )


A library of 117 ligands was combined with three transition metals Ru, Rh and Ir and screened with three different operating conditions for the asymmetric H-transfer reduction of acetophenone into phenylethanol. The combinatorial approach was based on evolution of a first library containing 60 ligands. For the evolution, operators such as replication, regression, cross-over and mutation were used. The study was performed with a XYZ robot and fast chiral GC analysis. Over only 4 generations, the average targeted criterion, enantioselectivity, was increased from 20% to ca. 80% for the 4th generation. The best results provided enantiomeric excess up to 93%.


Homogeneous catalysis, high throughput screening, combinatorial catalysis, ligand library, asymmetric hydrogenation


Laboratoire de Genie des Procedes Catalytiques, CNRS-ESCPE Lyon, BP2077, 69616 Villeurbanne, France.

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