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Recent Advances in Small Molecule Microarrays: Applications and Technology

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 6 ]


D. P. Walsh and Y. T. Chang   Pages 557 - 564 ( 8 )


The field of Small Molecule Microarrays (SMMs) is an ever-expanding part of the larger microarray field. SMMs are array based detection systems that use small molecules as probes immobilized on a variety of microarray surfaces that are screened against a number of targets for purposes including, but not limited to, protein-small molecule ligand recognition and protein function profiling. This review covers the recent advances in the field with particular emphasis on the successful applications of SMMs, as well as technical advances in platform optimization and novel small molecule immobilization strategies.


small molecule microarray, chemical microarrays, microarrays, small molecule protein ligands, chemical genetics, genomics


New York University, Department of chemistry, 29 Washington place, room 551, New York, NY10003, USA.

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